Window Cleaning: Complete Exterior & Interior. All Tracts and Screens included.
( Those recommended by previous customers may receive approximate estimates by phone. )
(all professional equipment including hoses which surround entire property)
(rolling equipment cart for interior surfaces)
(quick release plastic shoes are worn for interior surfaces)
Estimates for Storm Windows are completed on site.
Storm windows are cleaned professionally on easels.
Homes my specialty.
4530+ homes serviced in 22 years. ( Southeast TX, Charleston, SC & Sedona, AZ)

Recommendation to homeowners:
Clean windows professionally yearly to avoid degradation of glass and cost of glass restoration.

Glass Restoration: Service after complete window cleaning by customer request.
Restoration will briefly be discussed during completion of initial paperwork.
Restoration of stage 1 and stage 2 corrosion glass may require full day beyond scheduled
complete window cleaning service day.

more info on glass restoration

Chandelier Cleaning:
Combined ultrasonic, touchless atomized precision spray, & hand methods.
Touchless atomized precision spray applications air powered.
Less than 2 quarts deionized water used for precision spray applications.
Some styles require disassembly.
Crystal or disassembled parts cleaned in rubber sinks.
All safety equipment to prevent prism, bobeche, or jewel breakage provided.
No corrosive chemicals. Deionized Water.
All electrical components protected in atomized spray applications.
All chandelier stems, frames, and bodies protected in all applications.
All surrounding furniture, household items, and floors protected.
Chandelier cleaning requires 30 minute equipment set-up & take-down.

*Chandelier cleaning is scheduled on separate day of window cleaning.
Chandeliers neglected beyond 3 years may involve degreasing process.
Las Vegas (Chandelier Capital) trained.

Indoor Air Quality:
Complete Air Duct Cleaning & Sanitization.
HVAC Video Inspection & Hi Pro Vac.

Building Maintenance; Other Services:

Fountain Cleaning (water removed during process)
Roof Debris Removal, Gutter Cleaning
Complete Home Exterior Mildew, Dauber, Spider removal.
( No pressure washers are used or needed to clean home exteriors. )
( Pressure washing is needed for sidewalk, roof, & pavement cleaning. )
( Please choose another respected company for pressure washing. )

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